Joke of the Day

Good Morning Pals. It is a great thing to see this day. You are Highly favoured to be able to see this wonderful day. If you are not grateful for this please be. Say thanks to GOD now cos he deserves it. He gave you the life you are enjoying now. If you had gone to bed last night and never woke up today, all those plans you have made already for today wouldn’t have been talk less of actualizing it. So show your appreciation to GOD. OK

Having done that lets begin with a smile on our faces with this joke.

Three absent-minded writers were busy discussing a writing project on the platform, while waiting for the train. The announcement was made, and the train finally arrived. There was complete panic among eagerly waiting passengers as the train made its way to the platform. Passengers rushed inside the train, and the train left. However, one of the writers was not able to catch the train in the confusion.

A passerby who saw all this came up to the writer and told him not to worry and catch the next available train. The writer replied, “I am not worried for myself, but the real problem is that I was the one who was supposed to catch the train, and the two of them who went on the train, actually came to see me off”.

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