She's Evolving

Lifestyle change is an adjustment.  It can be time-consuming learning how to undo old habits and create new ones and practice them until they become habit.  One of the biggest adjustments is learning how to manage your time.  People struggle with finding the time to workout, or in some instances, meal plan and prep.  In times like this, we need a new perspective is needed.


Without much thought, we have all created daily routines that have become a staple for our survival.  We wake up, get ready for the day, go to work, eat lunch, get off work, stop at the store, go home, change clothes, cook dinner and eat dinner watching our favorite show, and then we are off to bed.  When the weekends come, we often use that as our time to catch up on things we did not have time for during the week.  Sometimes we get invited to do things…

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