Leaked photos of IPhone 5s

While the world waits impatiently for  the official unveiling of the rumoured iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, tech journalists and bloggers are filling the world wide web with various tidbits about the devices. Now a batch of alleged iPhone 5S photos has surfaced online, which claims to give the first glimpse into the design and dimensions of the upcoming smartphone.

(Picture courtesy: sjbbs.zol.com)

The images are posted on a blog on Chinese website Zol.com.cn and are allegedly taken from a Foxconn plant. The photos show the front as well as rear panels of the pre-production version of the upcoming device, giving a rough idea of the size of the phone. Going by the photos, Apple is indeed continuing with the design theme it introduces three years ago with iPhone 4.

(Picture courtesy: sjbbs.zol.com)
Recently, a Chinese blogger by the name Old Yao claimed on microblogging website Sina Tech that a friend of his working with an Apple supplier has seen the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. He revealed that the former looks exactly like iPhone 5, while the latter is longer, wider and thinner. The post also said that the two devices are likely to be launched in 2013.

Previously, TOI Tech reported that Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities, has said that Apple is working on an iPhone 5 successor that will have new features like snappier processor, fingerprint sensor, better camera and more powerful LED flash. Kuo’s claim of fingerprint recognition system gains a little credence from Apple’s 2012 acquisition of Authentec, which deals with this technology.

(Picture courtesy: sjbbs.zol.com)
The second iPhone will be cheaper and will be same as iPhone 5 but will be a little stockier, said Kuo. Instead of the aluminium body and waistline of 7.6mm, the cheaper iPhone will have a plastic casing and measure 8.2mm around the sides. He also said this device will be available in six colours, a rumour that has done rounds in the past as well.

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