Jessica Simpson finally shoves away her pregnant curves

JessicaJessica Simpson is finally ditching the coveralls … proudly showing off her pregnant belly in L.A. yesterday for the FIRST TIME since she got knocked up with baby #2.  Fetus Simpson had been under wraps for the past couple of weeks … with Jessica sporting all sorts of baggy clothes to keep her bump out of the public eye.

But now that Jessica is a couple of months into pregnancy and growing she’s given up on the cover-up and hit the gym yesterday in all her pregnant glory, rocking tight workout clothes. Jessica is currently in a multi-million deal with Weight Watchers  and it looks like the company will get twice what they paid for because she vows to drop the weight (again) once the kid is born. Sporting what looked like newly-dyed hair and black heels, the new mom (and mom-to-be) looked great as she talked about Baby #2.

“I was extremely shocked,” Simpson says about getting pregnant again. “It was kind of like a one-night stand and it happened, all over again.”

But this time the Weight Watchers spokeswoman has learned from her first pregnancy and vows to be healthier this time around.

“The last time I kind of ate everything in sight, I was really happy to be pregnant and I just didn’t ever step on the scale,” she says. “I gained a lot more than doctors would recommend, but I had fun.” Simpson adds that Weight Watchers has been very supportive of her pregnancy — with the singer/actress telling the company “Next time around I promise I’ll be healthier.” With the second baby on the way, Jessica and fiance Eric Johnson’s wedding was once again put on hold.

“We’ve had 2 different wedding dates, but he keeps knocking me up,” Simpson joked. “We’re doing it very backwards.” But she’s got a strategy that will finally get to the altar: “I’ll just keep my legs crossed this time!” she added.

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