INTEGRITY:A fundamental tool for Leadership

The word LEADER happens to be a familiar word but not everybody actually comprehends it. Being a Leader is not synonymous to being in a position. You can be in a position and may actually not be a leader. Now Leaders are made and not born. Leaders possess some qualities and integrity is one of them, {however I am not talking about Leadership now maybe in later in the future by the grace of God}. I am focusing on INTEGRITY.

Integrity, as noted earlier, is one of the qualities of a good Leader. Integrity is the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles. I highlighted steadfastly because it is a key word in that definition. Many people find it difficult with being consistent in doing things that will help them grow because there is progress in continuity. It can also be described as the state of being whole. Permit me to say that men of Integrity nowadays are men of rare quality.Let me share with you some fundamentals of Integrity.

  • Honesty, Reliability and Confidentiality: Integrity begins with a specific conscious decision.  Decision is a vital thing in one’s life. It was decision that brought to this page{smiles}. Further more there is a saying that a journey of many miles starts with a step. Suffice me to add that a journey of many miles starts with a step produced through decision. You can decide to be a man of integrity, when I say man i mean all sexes irrespective of who you are, your status, your present situation. Chose today to live by a strict moral code and determine to stick to it no matter what happens. You might fail the first time but there is no harm in trying again. Keep trying until you make it.
  • Decide ahead of time that you are priceless: Decide that you can not be bought at any price.The best way to guard yourself against a breach in Integrity is to make a decision today that you will not sell your integrity, not for power, revenge, pride or money. I will be frank with you its not easy at the beginning but IF IT IS MUST BE, IT IS ONLY UP TO YOU.
  • Major on the minor things: the little things make or break us. The things that we neglect not to be anything most times happens to be most important thing that may {sometimes} come back to haunt us.
  • Each day do what you should do before what you want to do.

Remember all you need do is just DECIDE. Once again Decision is a vital thing in Life.



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