Back in 2011, Donald Trump was calling Mac Miller the “new Eminem,” but in 2013, the Don has dubbed the Pittsburgh spitter an “ungrateful dog.” “i’m not trying to put any negative energy into the world. @realDonaldTrump let’s be friends,” Miller tweeted Friday (February 1).

However, It all started yesterday when the Don took issue over the use of his name in the gold-selling Mac Miller single “Donald Trump.” On the track which appeared on Miller’s Best Day Ever mixtape, the 21-year-old rapper proclaims to take over the world “on some Donald Trump sh–.” “Little @MacMiller, you illegally used my name for your song ‘Donald Trump’ which now has over 75 million hits,” Trump charged before demanding some dividends from the rapper. “Little @MacMiller, I want the money not the plaque you gave me!” The Don continued his attack, threatening to sue Miller. “Little @MacMIller, I’m now going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits and finance. You ungrateful dog! “Trump then linked to an August 2011 YouTube video where Miller expressed excitement that the billionaire even knew his name. Shortly before that interview, Trump released a viral vid of his own singing Miller’s praises. “This kid is the new Eminem, everybody says he’s fantastic,” he gushed then.

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