The New Blackberry 10

For lovers of Blackberry, Blackberry 10 is the addition to blackberry products, developed by Research in Motion for Blackberry’s line of smartphones.

What’s new about BlackBerry 10?

BlackBerry 10 is RIM’s newest operating system, and unlike previous generations of BlackBerry OS it is based on a Unix-like platform called QNX. It features an all-new UI and home screen with live tiles more akin to Windows Phone 8 than BlackBerry 7.

RIM’s new UI is based around concepts it calls Hub, Peek and Flow.

Hub is a persistent all-in-one inbox, and rather than being an app, it works at OS level, meaning it’s always accessible, whatever you are doing.

“Peek” is how you access this inbox without navigating away from the main app you are using. As well as peeking at emails and messages, you can also take a quick look at social-networking updates from sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and RIM will be making the notifications bar API available to developers.Flow is the name RIM has given to the one-handed swipe access it has given to various features in the OS, including the Hub.

Thorstein Heins, the chief executive of RIM, has said that there will be around 70,000 apps available on the BlackBerry app store at launch, and if BlackBerry 10 does well, more will follow as developers get on board. It looks set to release a touchscreen and a phone with a hardware keyboard, the Z10 and the X10, respectively, according to leaks. Last year, RIM said its first handsets would likely be all touchscreen, but to allay loyal BlackBerry customers’ fears, Heins said it will be introducing models with its trademark QWERTY keyboards. “We never stated that we wouldn’t build BlackBerry 10 devices with physical keyboards,” he said. “We know what our strengths are. And it would be plain wrong to get rid of the physical keyboard,” Heins told CNET.

Below are some views of it.

Blackberry 10 New BB 10 Blackberry 10 slider bb Z10 bb 10 bold

It is beleived that the date of inital release will be on the 30th of Jan 2013

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  1. I think a big patent war is ahead

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