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For those who have smart phones, SMS has become as obsolete as a telephone, thanks to the instant messaging app that works not only on android but every other platform be it Iphone Nokia’s Symbian or Windows, including blackberry. In fact, even blackberry users use Whatsapp to connect to their non-blackberry friends. And given the number of things that can be shared through whatsapp, be it image, audio or even a video file, the phrase “Whatsapp me” is soon catching up with the smart-phone empowered youth. And the best thing about it is that it’s virtually free. Of course you need an internet connection on your phone but this app is very low on network usage. Though it has started charging about 2$ a year after the initial first year, but come on, that is pittance! No wonder Whatsapp is becoming the new way to connect to people on the…

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